Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message

Auckland House School is considered to be one of the foremost educational institutions of our country. For this stupendous honour I wish to express my gratitude to all categories of staff who labour lovingly and incessantly for the children. It is due to their contribution that this prestigious institution is moving ahead successfully. My prayer for the students is that apart from proficiency in academics and other activities they should develop traits of character which would make them unique citizens capable of making India worthy of, being called the home of spirituality, non-violence and most of all honesty.

God’s hand has been upon us in all we do and I am fully confident that He will continue to be our guide and protector always. In today’s techno-savvy and fast changing world, it is our endeavour to help each child who enters the school to imbibe those qualities of mind, heart and values, which would enable them to grow up as good citizens, who would work towards, freeing their motherland from communal violence, dishonesty and corruption and promote love and brotherhood.

Wishing the School and all associated with it, the very best.

With prayerful wishes,
Your friend and Bishop
Rt. Rev. P.K. Samantaroy