Life in Auckland House

Life in Auckland House

Life in Auckland House

Parents are strongly urged to send their children as boarders, since community life affords great opportunities for developing qualities of discipline, tolerance and neighborliness. Fluency in English conversation is quickly attained in the boarding house and lasting habits of punctuality and tidiness are inculcated. Also, the child’s education is not disrupted by repeated transfers.

The dormitories are spacious enough to accommodate more than 300 children. There are two Prefects in charge of each dormitory. Trained nursing sisters live on the premises and take proper care of the children. The school doctor visits the school at least once a week and more often if required and also makes an annual physical examination of all pupils. Medical records are maintained, as also records of the children’s height and weight. The pupils are inoculated against various diseases as required.

The Aucky Kitchen

The Housekeeper supervises the balanced menu and the preparation of food which is both nourishing and appetizing. The ample diet includes regular fruit, milk and eggs. Both veg and non-veg are provided. The Housekeeper and the staff member on duty at each meal looks after the children’s table manners and eating habits.

School Uniform

Uniform is compulsory for all school students. A detailed list of all uniforms and other clothing will be supplied to the boarders. For boarders all uniforms are provided by the school.

Pupils are expected to wear the following:
General For All

Chocolate brown blazer with School badge and school necktie, brown shoes and brown socks, yellow ribbon or hairband.

Chocolate brown jersey.

Girls : Chocolate brown skirt with yellow blouse, House or School Necktie

Leave and Visitors

Any pupil who is absent must bring a letter from the parent requesting leave of absence. Except in cases of sickness, leave of absence should be obtained in adv.

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