Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message

Principal's Message

“ A home away from home“, yes indeed, that is what Auckland House represents. Standing on n Elysium Hill for a century and forty odd years, this renowned institution has seen thousands of girls pass through its portals.Entering as shy, hesitant, unsure little girls, they go out as confident young women, ready to face and take on the world in the their stride. That is what we aim at achieving in the school.

Each child is nurtured and moulded as gently as a potter moulds the clay, with their individual abilities and strengths given ample opportunity to grow and develop.

The Chapel, the classroom, the stage and the playfield all contribute in this character building process. The world today is one in which values, once cherished, have lost their meaning, where goodness suffers while evil thrives, where people care about "I" , "me" and "mine" and have a complete disregard for 'any' and 'everyone' else. It is for such a world that we have to prepare our childern. They are taught to believe in themselves, take on and shoulder responsibility, care for and love each other, growing up to be good human beings, which is, what the world today needs.